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Samana is Sanskrit word, meaning breath of life, wind, air & spirit. With its experienced therapist in their body work intuition readily spoiling you with some selected body therapeutic rejuvenating & body treatments by the island’s ingredients to release stress muscle & nerve fatigue & replenish depleted energy levels with inhaling aromatherapy to accelerate personal holistic wellness.


Our Story

Samana Aksata Spa was founded in November 2018 and began operations effectively in January 2018. This was preceded by a simple dream – to provide a traditional and simply designed Spa service to all guests at a very reasonable price. As time went by, so many guests decided to come back again to Samana Aksata Spa and also recommended us to their friends so we have grown considerably.

Samana Aksata Spa is famous for its combination of full-body treatment packages. Based on our survey, there are many reasons that make our guests return again and again and recommend us to their friends. The smiling and friendly hospitality of our team, openly welcoming and ready to assist and provide you with the best Spa experience.

We constantly improve the quality of our service by listening to our guest’s feedback given by the guests. Hygiene and sanitation is also very important to us as well.

The treatments and services that are offered by Samana Aksata Spa are standardized by strict Quality Control and continuing review of all services and treatments offered by our therapist in order to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and service to our guests. great interracial xxx vid.