Body Massages

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Four in harmony massage

Not to be missed, never to be forgotten, in a unique blend of 5 massage style – thai, lomi lomi, Swedish, Balinese & Rejuvenating massage. The two therapists working in harmony. The synchronization of two therapists makes this a sublime.

IDR 395K – 60 minutes

Rejuvenating Massage

Our Signature massage, total body treatment will remove tension and stiffness for a feeling of renewal. It involves a combination of gentle massage techniques, revitalizing tapping movements and pressure applied to energy points.

IDR 250K – 60 minutes
IDR 350K – 90 minutes

Deep Relaxing Balinese Massage
This traditional Balinese massage is a combination of gentle stretching, acupressure to stimulate the flow of blood circulation around your body. It evokes the senses and brings deep relaxation for an overall feeling of wellness. Balinese massage is a luxurious spa treatment if you are seeking harmony of the body, mind and soul.

IDR 250K/350K – 60/90 minutes

Energetic Foot Reflexology
This treatment concentrates on the lower legs and feet, from the toes to the knees. It is performed to stimulate blood circulation and softens the skin with a scrub and foot bath. Point massage will reduce fatigue and swelling as well as promote smoother skin. It will remove tension not only from your feet but also the entire body.

IDR 175K/250K/350K – 30/60/90 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage
The type of massage that penetrates the deeper muscles. It uses deep, strong and steady pressure to relieve the tensions from your body. It is designed to manually work on the physical & psychological stress and improve your athletic performance to combat pain and muscle spasm. The intense point-grip-release technique makes you relax, decrease depression and lower anxiety.

IDR 250K/ 350K – 60/90 minutes

Relaxing Back Massage
Discover the virtues of this deeply relaxing, by focusing on muscles in the back, nape and shoulder blades, this treatment releases built-up tension, providing a feeling of total well-being.
IDR 175K – 30 minutes