Face care

Detail & Prices
Inspired by the world’s time-honored beauty traditions, combine technical expertise and absolute relaxation. Each treatment starts by removing make up, then face cleansing and exfoliation, followed by a mask and moisturizing, tailored to the needs of your skin.
Detox facial
This deep cleansing treatment utilizes a three phase exfoliation to remove dead skin. Thermo-active enzymatic detox helps congested pores, leaving you with a truly luminous complexion.

IDR 275K – 60 minutes

Anti-Aging Facial
This highly effective anti-aging treatment is useful to keep our skin relaxed, young and sensual. It helps to improve collagen to renew skin vitality and leave our skin supple and firm. Lifting integral complex has a fourfold anti-aging effect. It instantly minimizes the traces of time, helps to prevent new wrinkles and lines from forming intensive tones as well as moisturizes the skin, promotes cell regeneration, enhances the elasticity of the skin and protects the skin from harmful influence from the environment.
IDR 275K – 60 minutes
Hydrating Facial
A unique treatment that blends a back, neck & shoulder massage with anti-aging techniques facial. This therapy begins with a back massage & follow with cleansing skin firming massage followed by a gentle exfoliation. Your therapist will use a massage technique to firm and lift the skin, focusing on areas where the skin tends to reveal signs of ageing. A hydrating mask of seaweed extract is then applied to the skin leaving you looking and feeling rejuvenated and refreshed

IDR 375K – 90 minutes

Matcha Green Tea Facial
This high powered Anti- Aging facial recharges & restores the balance of the skin. Matcha green tea powder is renewned for its powerful health benefits. One of riches sources of anti oxidants, vitamin & minerals, This matcha green tea facial aims to feed the shin while protecting it & activating healthy skin cell growth. Begin your treatment a relaxing back, neck & shoulder massage. Your therapist will cleanse your face with honey & yogurt & expoliated with Honey & green tea, followed by a soothing face massage with virgin coconut oil. A nourishing matcha green tea mask will be applied to the face & neck.

IDR 350K – 90 minutes